Creating Innovation
That Cares of Lives & Nature

Thanks to our know-how gained during more than 220 years of existence, we create stunning headwear.

We combine both – a unique design and functionality.  A key element is the long-term cooperation of our development team and technical innovations. This way TONAK team brings attractive products which make every single day more pleasant to our customers.


Jan Nepomuk Hückel found his hat making manufactory


Hückel starts using machines, becoming the founder of machine production


Manufactory was nationalized and given the name TONAK n.p.


TONAK acquires the headwear division from FEZKO


TONAK is evolving in essential and visible change in marketing approach



Unique TONAK headgear are designed not to only guarantee refined style and quality, but also to fulfill required functional criteria.

Last but not least, we consistently and successfully focus on sustainability and the non-waste manufacturing process.

TONAK production meets with the current themes of sustainability, ethics and the overall concept of slow fashion.

People, Goals, Planet

People, Goals, Planet

TONAK employees in many cases linked their personal lives with their careers in the company. We have always seen it as our responsibility to actively contribute to safe workplaces for all our workers.

There is a heavy dependence on natural resources within the fashion industry. We focus on implementing technological innovations with smaller environmental impact. One of those is the new technology – plasma.

At TONAK company, we consider the needs of present and future generations and are aware that our entire production must be conducted in a way that is economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable.

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